Family-Based Green Cards

We are here to help your family be together in the United States. We have years of experience and hundreds of cases with successful outcomes

Family members of U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents may be eligible for permanent residency based on their relationship. Family members who qualify for their green card will either be immediately eligible for a green card or placed on a waiting list to receive one when it becomes available.

Do you have a family member looking to come to the United States? We can help them. We will ensure that your family petition will run smoothly through the process. We will walk alongside you and your family members throughout the process and offer legal advice where necessary. 

We will discuss the differences between adjustment of status and consular processing, evaluating your case, and making recommendations as to which way suits your family’s individual needs.

The first step in seeing whether you qualify for a green card is to define the relationship between you and the family member with legal status.


You may be immediately eligible for your green card if you are the:

  • Spouse of a U.S. citizen; or
  • An unmarried child under 21 years old of a U.S. citizen; or
  • Parent of a U.S. citizen.

You may be eligible for a green card and placed on a waiting list if you are the:

  • Unmarried son or daughter of a U.S. citizen and you are over 21 years old; or
  • Married son or daughter of a U.S. citizen; or
  • Brother or sister of a U. S. citizen who is over 21 years old; or
  • Spouse of a green card holder; or
  • Son or daughter of a green card holder.

Obtaining a green card is a multi-step process. Typically, that process starts with submitting proof to the government that you are, in fact, have a meaningful relationship to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. If that proof is accepted by the government, then a series of additional applications are required before status can be granted. Before you may be granted a green card, you must also meet other requirements and pass a criminal background check.

Removal of Conditions from Green Cards

There is a presumption that everyone who is applying for the green card based on the marriage to a US citizen is acting in bad faith, i.e., have entered into this marriage for the sole purpose of getting the legal status in the United States. If the marriage is less than two years old at the time the green card is granted, the legal status will be conditional.

Shortly before the two-year anniversary of receiving the conditional permanent resident status, you and your spouse must file a petition to remove such conditions. We will guide through this process, helping you build a strong case showing that the marriage was not sham.

We also have extensive experience working with waiver-based I-751 petitions. In our 10 year of practicing exclusively immigration law, none of our clients ever had their I-751 petitions denied. You can get more information on this process here (link to waivers page).


Fiance(e) Visas

We love working on K-1/2 visas, helping people across the globe to build their new family in the United States. This options allows you to plan your upcoming wedding in the US, and you will have 90 days to do so. Once you register your marital union, we will seek adjustment of status on your behalf.


Child Status Protection Act

This unique law allows “aged-out” children under certain circumstances to recalculate their biological age for immigration purposes and get the green cards along with the rest of the family members. Contact us for more information!

First: (F1) Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens: 23,400 plus any numbers not required for fourth preference.

Second: Spouses and Children, and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents: 114,200, plus the number (if any) by which the worldwide family preference level exceeds 226,000, plus any unused first preference numbers:

A. (F2A) Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents: 77% of the overall second preference limitation, of which 75% are exempt from the per-country limit;

B. (F2B) Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Residents: 23% of the overall second preference limitation.

Third: (F3) Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens: 23,400, plus any numbers not required by first and second preferences.

Fourth: (F4) Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens: 65,000, plus any numbers not required by first three preferences.



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